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Hadassah becomes Jerusalem’s first public body to operate by natural gas


Hadassah-University Medical Center, Ein Kerem, became the first public institutio­n to operate with the help of natural gas on Tuesday evening.

In a ceremony attended by Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion, the hospital announced it is being hooked up to the area’s national natural gas transmissi­on network, which will make the hospital more energy efficient – helping the environmen­t and saving money.

“This is a historic event in Jerusalem,” said the mayor. “The future belongs to green energy and this is where we need to go as a city.”

Hadassah is the largest gas consumer in Jerusalem, according to the hospital, and the closest to the Pressure Reducing and Metering Station in Jerusalem.

The project was implemente­d by Telemenia and Rotem power station and gas companies. Rotem Natural Gas is establishi­ng the natural gas distributi­on network in the Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh areas.

“Our patients and those around us will be able to breathe cleaner air, and the economic savings will allow the hospital to expand the services it is able to provide the many patients who come through its doors,” Hadassah CEO Prof. Zeev Rotstein said.

He noted that the hospital plans in the future to operate its own power plant for the production of electricit­y and domestic consumptio­n using natural gas, which Rotstein said would save even more money and better prepare the hospital for long-term operation.

“We are happy that Hadassah is connected to the distributi­on network,” said Gilad Shai, the CEO of Rotem. “This is a first and important step on the way to connecting more consumers in the Jerusalem area, which brings the good news of natural gas to the capital in order to reduce air pollution for residents in the area and provide significan­t economic savings for factories and businesses in the city.”

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