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Highs and lows of Netanyahu’s diplomatic warfare


Former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu oversaw some of the most virulent instances of diplomatic warfare against Israel since the “Zionism equals racism” battle at the United Nations in the last century.

The Israeli-Palestinia­n and the larger Israeli-Arab conflict have long fueled attempts to turn the Jewish state into a pariah nation.

The stakes were raised, however, because of the 2012 vote in the UN General Assembly that upgraded the status of the Palestinia­ns to that of a non-member state. The Palestinia­n Authority’s newfound status as a de facto UN state gave it a more expansive toolbox by which to pursue Israel and force it to execute a civilian and military withdrawal to the pre-1967 lines.

At issue, however, was not just Israel’s hold on the West Bank, east Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. The initiative­s also took aim at Israel’s Jewish identity, Jewish ties to its holy sites, and its right to self-defense.

Netanyahu offset some of that impact by linking some of the attacks with antisemiti­sm and anti-Israel bias. He was more

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