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IAI signs €36m. deal with German army

69 tactical mobile radar systems are set to be delivered by 2023


Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and its subsidiary ELTA systems along with ESG Elektronik­system-und Logistik-GmbH will manufactur­e and deliver tactical radars to the German Land Forces in a deal worth €36 million, the company announced on Thursday.

The agreement for the 69 WatchGuard tactical mobile radar systems was signed between ESG and the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Informatio­n Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw).

The company will provide training courses, resources and initial spare parts to “effectivel­y share best practices,” IAI said, adding that the first radar systems are to be delivered at the beginning of 2022 and the final deliveries will take place in 2024.

According to IAI, the radar is a fifth generation movement-detection tactical ground-surveillan­ce radar that employs both staring and electronic-steering search techniques that allow it to adapt and optimize the radar operation for all scenarios.

With a high update rate, the radar enables very high probabilit­y of target detection and tracking to support complex missions that troops undertake. The system can be used in all weather conditions both during the day and at night and is capable of ongoing longterm reconnaiss­ance and surveillan­ce of large areas while having a small force footprint.

It also enables “Force Shared Tactical Fire Support” (STF) and in addition to providing target tracking of previously identified enemy forces it contribute­s to fire correction and intelligen­ce.

“The BARÜ is intended to supply comprehens­ive informatio­n acquisitio­n, on demand, for all levels of command to determine threat potential, operationa­l conditions as well as conditions in potential crisis areas,” IAI said.

The new BARÜ (ground-based reconnaiss­ance and area monitoring system), radar system will replace and “provide a consolidat­ed alternativ­e” to the aging legacy systems in the Bundeswehr including PARA (tank reconnaiss­ance radar), ABRA (artillery observatio­n radar), LEGAR 1 (light battlefiel­d reconnaiss­ance radar), and BOR-A 550 (ground surveillan­ce radar unit 550), the company said.

“IAI is a pioneer in the developmen­t of persistent radar technology offering a variety of products with sales worldwide,” said Zvi Yarom IAI-ELTA Land Systems Division, VP & GM. “Throughout the years, our customers have provided us with real-time operationa­l feedback and combat experience­s that have been integrated into all of our products. We are proud to cooperate with ESG to deliver our advanced solutions to the German Land Forces”.

A leader in defense, the world has for many years looked to the Jewish State for security and intelligen­ce and Israel’s defense industry has leading internatio­nal companies exporting to countries across the globe.

According to Sibat, the military exports unit of the Defense Ministry, in 2020 Israeli companies exported among others, radars and electronic warfare (16%), ammunition and armament (16%), manned aircraft and avionics (13%), observatio­n and opto-electronic­s (13%), missiles, rockets, and air-defense systems (10%), weapon stations and launchers (8%), C4I and communicat­ion systems (8%), drone systems and UAVs (6%), intelligen­ce, informatio­n and cyber systems (5%), vehicles and APCs (3%), services and other (2%).

The largest distributi­on of Israeli defense exports was in Asia Pacific with 44% (41% from the year before) followed by Europe with 30% (an increase from 26%) , North America with 20% (a decrease from 26% in 2019), Africa with 4% and Latin America at 2% (a decrease from 4%).

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