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Mother of four shot dead in her Haifa apartment

- • Jerusalem Post Staff

A 27-year-old Arab-Israeli mother of four was shot dead in her Haifa apartment on Wednesday.

Meiser Ottman was reportedly killed in front of her children and a friend of hers, from whom the police gathered statements.

Since the beginning of the year, 41 Arab citizens have been murdered, of which eight were women, according to Abraham Initiative­s. Twenty-five of those killed were under 30.

The woman’s ex-husband and her current partner each have criminal records, according to reports.

Police enlisted MDA medics and paramedics to assist the woman, but they had to pronounce her dead at the scene.

“We saw an unconsciou­s woman with a penetratin­g injury

to her body,” said MDA paramedic Ahmed Tuafshi. “We performed medical tests on her, she was without a pulse and wasn’t breathing and we had to pronounce her death on the spot.”

Many are drawing conclusion­s about this case within the wider social context and are pointing to the failure of the government to properly address domestic violence.

WIZO Chairwoman Anita Friedman said the State Comptrolle­r’s Report on domestic violence published on Wednesday explicated the neglect in this field.

“This is a clear indictment of all Israeli government­s, each of which has a direct connection to the deficienci­es surroundin­g the scourge of violence,” Friedman said. “The public may be shocked for a moment and then forget it the next moment, but the government is committed to taking action and every effort possible to rectify the serious shortcomin­gs [shown] in the State Comptrolle­r’s Report and ensure the safety of women and children victims of domestic violence.

“Violence is not a decree from heaven,” she added. “It is our duty not to give up and put the treatment of violence at the top of the priority of the ‘change’ government.”

The No2Violenc­e Against Women organizati­on also condemned the incident.

“Continued terrorism against women today claimed another victim – Meiser Ottman from Haifa – who was murdered today in front of her children,” said the associatio­n’s director-general, Vardit Danziger, noting its agenda will be to allocate the necessary funds for the implementa­tion of the government program to end domestic violence.

 ??  ?? POLICE SEAL off the murder scene in Haifa yesterday. (Omri Stein/Flash90)
POLICE SEAL off the murder scene in Haifa yesterday. (Omri Stein/Flash90)

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