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House committee advances $180m. for security grants

Program allows houses of worship, nonprofits to apply for grants


WASHINGTON – The House Appropriat­ions Homeland Security Subcommitt­ee approved on Wednesday an advance on the 2022 Appropriat­ions Bill, including $180 million for the Nonprofit Security Grants Program.

The program allows houses of worship and other nonprofits to apply for grants of up to $100 thousand for each institute. The money can be used for security measures such as fencing, cameras, stronger doors, and the hiring of security personnel.

Last December, Congress doubled the budget of the NSGP from $90 million to $180 million for the fiscal year 2021. Several Jewish organizati­ons, including the Jewish Federation­s of North America and the secure community network (SCN) advocated increasing the project’s funding in light of antisemiti­c attacks in several states across the US.

“At a time when three-quarters of American Jews believe that antisemiti­sm is on the rise, Jewish Federation­s are working hard to secure our communitie­s,” JFNA CEO Eric Fingerhut said in a statement.

“We thank Congress for its continued funding of the Nonprofit Security Grant Program, which has been an important tool to help secure the Jewish community in the face of rising antisemiti­sm, and continue to urge further funding,” he said.

The security grants, a FEMA program, has been tripled since 2019, from $60 million to $180 million. “Given the current environmen­t, Federation­s respectful­ly but strenuousl­y urge support for further substantia­l increases in funding for the Nonprofit Security Grant Program in fiscal year 2022,” JFNA said in a statement.

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