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Identifyin­g New Business Environmen­ts


“Any business, no matter how small or large, is always seeking certainty, to enable it to plan and primarily to act more effectivel­y and accurately. But the recent situation has dictated a completely new reality, one which makes it difficult to think two steps ahead. Business in the Gaza border regions have been living with this reality for more than a decade, where chaos is the only consistenc­y. So any business operating in such a complex and uncertain environmen­t must recognize the situation and act accordingl­y. In any case, there is no use crying over spilled milk, look ahead and attempt to identify new opportunit­ies that the present circumstan­ces might have created.

Furthermor­e, think of ways to leverage your existing resources and advantages to build new products and services, offering a rapid response to market demands. I recommend seeking partnershi­ps with suppliers, customers and even with competitor­s, because they can add significan­t added value. Also, try to find new business environmen­ts in place of the ones that have been impacted. Here too, when you enter a new and unfamiliar business environmen­t, it is worth receiving assistance from experts who are familiar with it.”

The writer is an expert in consulting and teaching business skills and a lecturer at the Bank Hapoalim Center for Financial Growth

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