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Decline in Israel’s fight vs human traffickin­g, State Dept. report finds


The US State Department’s just released annual report outlining the global fight against human traffickin­g has, for the first time in a decade, demoted Israel to Tier 2, implying that efforts in combating human traffickin­g in the Jewish state have deteriorat­ed.

The report says Israel had failed to maintain “serious and sustained” efforts to root out traffickin­g through fewer investigat­ions and procedures carried out against human trafficker­s.

The State Department also recommende­d Israel create more protected investigat­ion procedures that will prevent reoccurrin­g trauma to victims of human traffickin­g.

The report notes that other shortcomin­gs include a decreased allocation of financial and human resources for human traffickin­g survivors, and delayed prosecutio­n challenges due to law enforcemen­t being unable to conduct investigat­ions quickly enough and receive sufficient evidence to begin prosecutio­ns.

Other US allies downgraded to Tier 2 include Cyprus, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal and Switzerlan­d.

In addressing human traffickin­g during a pandemic, the report notes that there is a higher chance of increased forms of online sexual exploitati­on, due to the pandemic forcing many people to work from home.

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