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7 injured, 10 cars burned as brushfire hits Gan Hashlosha National Park


A brushfire spread across Gan Hashlosha National Park, also known by its Arabic name as Sakhne, with seven people evacuated to Emek Medical Center in Afula in light condition due to smoke inhalation.

The blaze also engulfed at least 10 motor vehicles, Israel Police reported, before firefighte­rs gained control of the fire.

Police and firefighte­rs worked to clear visitors from the site as fire fighters arrived on the scene to stop the fire from spreading further.

Another wildfire broke out later on Saturday afternoon in the western Galilee village of Rameh, near Karmiel. Police forces worked to clear more than 50 houses in the area and closed the access routes to the village.

The warm weather, which hit Israel over the weekend, has already given fire fighters a fair amount of work across the country, where they were called on Friday afternoon to handle a fire in a Yeshiva in Rechasim, as well as fires in two apartment buildings in Naale and Kuseifa. No injuries were reported in either fire.

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