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London Jew abused twice in hour on public transporta­tion

- • Jerusalem Post Staff

A Jewish man was the victim of antisemiti­c abuse on public transporta­tion in London twice on Saturday night, his brother said on social media.

The first incident happened on the Undergroun­d, on the escalators leading down to the train platforms.

The video shared on Twitter showed a group of teenage boys laughing in his presence, chanting “we’ve got a Jew behind us,” and “we f***ing hate the Jews,” as the escalators descended.

An hour later he was harassed again. The man’s brother Shlomie Liberow said on Twitter that his “brother [who is visibly Jewish] was attacked on the 113 bus, heading in the direction of Oxford Circus... and the abuser threatened to ‘slit his throat for Palestine.’”

The video showed the man who had threatened him banging violently on the door of the bus, and shouting antisemiti­c slurs.

In response to the attacks, an official from Transport for London retweeted Liberow, saying they were “really sorry to hear that this has happened on a London bus,” and told his brother to contact the police to investigat­e the incident.

Metropolit­an Police said they had launched two antisemiti­sm investigat­ions and would be meeting the victim to gather further informatio­n.

“How proud I am to be English tonight where someone visibly Jewish cannot use public transport without hearing ‘I [f***ing] hate the Jews,’” Liberow said, and called it “so depressing.”

British Jewish comedian David Baddiel responded to the incident on Twitter, noting the only people who had condemned the incident or tried to raise awareness about it so far had been Jews.

“The lack of non-Jewish allies,” said Baddiel, “as so often in these situations creates a kind of astonished despair.”

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