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Israel Security Prize awarded to four classified projects


Four classified defense projects by the mossad, shin Bet (Israel security agency), IdF, defense ministry’s administra­tion for the developmen­t of Weapons and technologi­cal Infrastruc­ture (maFat) and Israeli defense companies have been awarded the country’s top security prize.

the ceremony took place monday at the president’s residence, and the awards were presented by outgoing president reuven rivlin, defense minister Benny Gantz, IdF Chief of staff lt.-Gen. aviv Kohavi and defense ministry director-General amir eshel.

the awards were for outstandin­g projects and programs that have contribute­d to Israel’s security and to its qualitativ­e edge.

according to the ministry, “in an exceptiona­l move,” Gantz approved awarding four awards instead of three this year.

one project by the IdF’s unit 8200 in the Intelligen­ce division developed a “unique, groundbrea­king and exceptiona­l intelligen­ce accessibil­ity” for the intelligen­ce community. the project led to a “significan­t” leap in capabiliti­es, the defense ministry said.

the award was also given to the IdF’s C4I Corps, the shin Bet, the defense ministry, the national Cyber division, the mossad and the IdF’s Intelligen­ce directorat­e for a cyberdefen­se project. the project was designed to provide cyberdefen­se while developing customized technologi­cal capabiliti­es against cyberattac­ks.

another project, by maFat, the air force, rafael and IaI provided the military with “innovative solutions.” during the project, which lasted over a decade, developers faced unpreceden­ted “technical knowledge gaps” and had to deal with uncertaint­y as there was no precedent to build upon.

another winner of the award was a project done by maFat, unit 81 in the IdF’s Intelligen­ce division, mossad, air force, rafael and Israel aerospace Industries. the project was able to provide the IdF with a “profession­al, unique and significan­t capability.”

“Giving this ability to the IdF stemmed from breakthrou­ghs, unique and dedicated developmen­ts while demonstrat­ing daring, vision, determinat­ion and creativity as a result of hard work and integratio­n of all parties involved,” said the ministry.

maFat, which works with the IdF and civilian companies

and engages in extensive cooperatio­n with many countries, is critical in providing the technology that makes it possible for the IdF to outflank its enemies.

rivlin, who has presented the award every year for the

past seven years, noted his appreciati­on for the “sophistica­ted systems” and developmen­ts by those whose activity “is done, naturally, away from the spotlight and from public knowledge.”

“the man behind the system is the foundation and the main thing. Without it, even the most innovative technologi­cal developmen­t cannot protect us,” rivlin said, adding that while the citizens of Israel “may not know how much gratitude they owe to the award winners for their work, believe me, they feel it.”

at the ceremony, Gantz said the prizes were examples of cooperatio­n between security bodies, and that Israel must have a strong military because its enemies are also getting stronger.

the defense minister said he turned to defense industries for solutions for IdF special missions “more than once” in the past year.

“We saw their benefits during operation Guardian of the Walls – the precision and unpreceden­ted intelligen­ce employed during an operation that minimized harm to uninvolved civilians when compared to the extent of the aerial operations. the targeting of terrorists was effective and powerful,” he said.

according to Gantz, “these days, the entire middle east is on the verge of an arms race, particular­ly if Iran continues to advance toward the nuclear threshold. We are vigilant in the face of all these threats. our defense systems, most of which were developed in Israel, are deployed and our intelligen­ce works at all times to identify threats and targets.”

Israel, Gantz warned, “is fully aware of what is happening in the region and our policy is unequivoca­l: we will not tolerate any violation of Israeli sovereignt­y; not by incendiary balloons or rockets, or by any other means pursued by Iran and its affiliates. We will respond powerfully, based on our needs and at the right time for us .... We operate at all hours, by a variety of means and in close coordinati­on with our allies, especially the united states. We will cooperate with anyone who wants to bring stability and peace to the region.”

thanking the recipients, he said they were able to defend the state of Israel against various threats on different fronts, “threats that sometimes the public, who sleeps well at night, did not even know existed.”

the award has been presented each year for more than 60 years to people and projects based on technologi­cal achievemen­ts that have made a significan­t contributi­on to the country’s security and provide unique operationa­l responses. It is named after eliyahu Golomb, the commander of the hagana.

 ?? (Defense Ministry) ?? PRESIDENT REUVEN Rivlin and Defense Minister Benny Gantz award the Israel Security Prize at the President’s Residence on Monday.
(Defense Ministry) PRESIDENT REUVEN Rivlin and Defense Minister Benny Gantz award the Israel Security Prize at the President’s Residence on Monday.

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