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The Uri story


Regarding “Uri Geller to ‘Post: I saw aliens with NASA” (July 5), so Uri Geller can bend spoons and wedding rings, read minds, helped England with the Euro 2020 games and has seen NASA-hidden breathing metal of an unknown color from a crashed space ship and NASA refrigerat­ed alien corpses from outer-space.

Who cares whether any of it is true or not, as has been discussed in countless articles and books with no clear decision. Geller has done an enormous service to millions of people who crave a little mystery in their lives. Good for him. Geller is 74 years old and we should all hope and pray that he is preparing an equally talented under-study to keep us amused, interested, bewildered and befuddled. Otherwise, the world will be a duller place.

By the way, I also found a mysterious large piece of dark metal in my backyard a few weeks ago. Unfortunat­ely it was easily explained – debris from the air warfare with Hamas.



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