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Naq-naq. Who’s there?


In “I am an Arab lover” (July 1) Gershon Baskin finally comes clean. Mind you, to paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” It’s just that Baskin didn’t make aliyah to Israel some 40 years ago, but he made aliyah to Palestine, a non-existent country that will hopefully never exist.

As a stockbroke­r for decades in Los Angeles before I made aliyah 11 years ago, I had quite a few Arab clients, including the Council General to Saudi Arabia. They are lovely people, as Baskin rightly says, extremely hospitable. One of my clients, a Syrian who lived in Montreal at the time, once offered to set me up in Alexandria, Egypt in the brokerage business there. When I said that I would rather relocate to Israel, he said, “Israel? it’s not so safe over there.”

Yes, the Arab culture is not like Western culture, as they are encouraged lie when expedient, and personal honor is extremely important to them to a fault... honor killings?

When we came on aliyah, we had the help of a wonderful organizati­on called Nefesh B’Nefesh. If there was an organizati­on to help Baskin when he came to live in Palestine, it would probably have been called Naqba B’Naqba. NORMAN L. DEROVAN

Ma’aleh Adumim also working on a mechanism for allowing aid to be sent to Gaza that would prevent Hamas from diverting material and funds to constructi­ng weapons.”

Would this happen to be the same UN that funds UNRWA?

Enough said.


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