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First-degree relatives can now apply online for entry

Approval might take up to 20 working days, permission will be valid for a month, Lipman says


Foreign nationals who are seeking permission to enter Israel as visitors can now send their applicatio­n through the Foreign Ministry’s official website.

Foreign visitors can apply through the new form in order to visit a first-degree relative who holds Israeli citizenshi­p, attend a first-degree relative’s funeral in Israel and undergo an urgent and life-saving medical procedure or accompany someone who is in need of such a procedure. For the “purpose of traveling” entry, there is also an option to select “other.”

According to the instructio­n on the ministry’s website every individual has to send a separate applicatio­n.

Each applicant is required to attach a copy of their passport, vaccinatio­n or recovery certificat­e, health insurance covering COVID, and “Additional documents relevant to the reason for the arrival request, as specified in the applicatio­n.”

In previous months, when applying through the consulates or the Interior Ministry branches, it was required to prove the relation between the applicant and the Israeli citizen, by providing a copy of the Israeli identity card of the latter as well as a birth/marriage certificat­e or similar documents.

In the current form, the applicant needs to select the relevant Israeli consulate where they are applying.

There is no mention of how long the process to receive permission will take, nor how long the permission once granted will last.

Former MK Dov Lipman, who has worked for months helping immigrants and their family members abroad to enter Israel and recently establishe­d the organizati­on Yad L’Olim, said it might take up to 20 working days and the permission will be valid for a month.

“Complete a separate form for each passenger, load all the documents that are currently required, and submit it 4 weeks before the flight,” he wrote on his Facebook page on Wednesday. “Assume that it will take 20 business days to receive approval. There will be no back and forth communicat­ion with the consulates so please ensure that you complete this form correctly with all the needed documentat­ion. Please note that these approvals will be valid for 30 days.”

It is also important to notice that there are no new rules by which foreign nationals are allowed to apply for permission to enter the country.

 ?? (Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post) ?? PEDESTRIAN­S SNAP a selfie in Jerusalem yesterday.
(Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post) PEDESTRIAN­S SNAP a selfie in Jerusalem yesterday.

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