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Crisis between Ramallah, Amman erupts ahead of Abdullah’s meeting with Biden


A senior Palestinia­n official has triggered a crisis between the Palestinia­n Authority and Jordan after stating that the Palestinia­ns alone had thwarted former US President Donald Trump’s plan for Mideast peace.

The Jordanians say that they also played a major role in derailing the Trump plan.

The PA dismissed the Trump plan, which was unveiled in

January 2020, as a conspiracy aiming to liquidate the Palestinia­n issue and Palestinia­n rights.

The Arab League, including Jordan, also rejected the plan, saying it would not lead to peace or meet the minimum rights and aspiration­s of the Palestinia­ns.

Jordanians feared that the plan aimed to turn their country into an alternativ­e homeland for the Palestinia­ns.

The crisis comes on the eve of a meeting in Washington between Jordan’s King Abdullah II and US President Joe Biden.

It also comes two weeks after PA President Mahmoud Abbas and Abdullah agreed during a meeting in Amman to coordinate positions “on the interest of the Arab nation and its common cause, primarily the Palestinia­n cause,” according to the PA’s official news agency WAFA.

During the meeting, Abdullah

reiterated Jordan’s support for the Palestinia­ns “in achieving their just and legitimate rights and establishi­ng their independen­t, sovereign and viable state on the June 4, 1967, lines, with east Jerusalem as its capital,” Jordan’s official Petra news agency reported.

The crisis erupted during a recent meeting of the Arab Parliament, the legislativ­e

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