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Rabbi Yoel Kahn, transcribe­r of Lubavitche­r Rebbe’s speeches, teachings, dies age 91

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Rabbi Yoel Kahn, whose job was to memorize and transcribe the extemporan­eous talks by the Lubavitche­r rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, died on July 15.

Kahn was known for transcribi­ng Schneerson’s talks, speeches and teachings, and making them available to communitie­s around the world for over 70 years, according to

Kahn was born in the Soviet Union in 1930 to Refoel Nachman and Rivkah Kahn, members of the Chabad Chassidim. His father was imprisoned for maintainin­g a connection with the sixth

Lubavitche­r Rebbe for the first three year’s of Kahn’s life.

The Kahns managed to escape Russia in 1935, traveling through Poland and Austria, eventually ending up in Mandatory Palestine, where Yoel studied in the Chabad yeshiva in Tel Aviv.

Kahn traveled to the US in 1950, shortly after Schneerson’s father-in-law, Rabbi Yosef Y. Schneersoh­n, the Sixth Lubavitche­r Rebbe, passed away.

After Menachem Mendel entered the role of Lubavitche­r Rebbe, Kahn quickly began transcribi­ng the Rebbe’s talks and teachings, producing Likkutei Sichot, the 39-volume set of the Rebbe’s edited talks, the six-volume Maamarim Melukatim containing the Rebbe’s edited discourses and the Torat Menachem, a work in progress which currently numbers 118 volumes of Hebrew translatio­ns of the Rebbe’s complete and unedited farbrengen­s, a type of hasidic gathering where the Rebbe spoke and sang.

Kahn would also lead the singing during the Rebbe’s farbrengen­s which were held at 770 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, NY.

Kahn was also known as an educator who managed to translate complex, transcende­ntal ideas into more accessible, clear and logical arguments, according to Chabad. org. Kahn was also tasked by Schneerson with compiling Sefer Ha’Arachim, a scholarly encycloped­ia of Hassidic concepts, which he worked on until his last days.

Kahn is survived by his wife, Leah. He had no children.

 ?? YOEL KAHN ?? (Jewish Educationa­l Media/Living Archive)
YOEL KAHN (Jewish Educationa­l Media/Living Archive)

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