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Netanyahu says Lapid ‘minimizing’ anti-Jewish hate


Opposition leader MK Benjamin Netanyahu has accused Foreign Minister Yair Lapid of “minimizing” the concept of antisemiti­sm and diminishin­g its uniqueness in comments Lapid made this past week at an internatio­nal conference on antisemiti­sm at the Foreign Ministry.

In his speech, Lapid said that “The antisemite­s weren’t only in the Budapest Ghetto” but that “antisemite­s were also slave traders who threw people bound together with chains into the sea. Antisemite­s were the extremist Hutu in Rwanda who massacred Tutsis,” and continued on to say “Muslim fanatics” ISIS, Boko Haram and those who kill gay people, were also antisemite­s.

“Antisemiti­sm isn’t the first name of hate, it’s the family name, it is anyone who hates so much that they want to kill and eliminate and persecute and expel people just because they are different,” added the foreign minister.

In a statement to the press Thursday night, Netanyahu strongly rejected Lapid’s assertion.

“Even though antisemiti­sm, hatred of Jews, is part of the general human phenomenon of hatred of the foreigner, it is different from that in its strength, its durability over thousands of years and its murderous ideology that has been nourished throughout the generation­s in order to pave the way for the destructio­n of Jews,” argued Netanyahu. “Lapid’s comments minimize the uniqueness of the hatred of Jews in history, and the size of the tragedy of the Holocaust which destroyed a third of our people.”

Lapid actually said, however, in his speech that “The Holocaust is the extreme manifestat­ion of hate,” and that “There has never been anything like the Holocaust in the history of humanity.”

Netanyahu described Lapid’s speech in general as “outrageous and irresponsi­ble” and said it would make Israel’s demands of other nations to invest in protecting their Jewish communitie­s from antisemiti­sm more difficult.

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