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History, adventure join at Tower of David Museum


Want a chance to fly through the sky between King Herod’s tower and the Ottoman walls of the Old City?

The Tower of David Museum in the Old City of Jerusalem plans to open the rope-climbing adventure Towers in the Air next month. It features seven stations, including ropes, ladders, omegas, climbing walls and rappelling, that combine adventure sports with a breathtaki­ng view of historic sites, the museum said in a press release.

The participan­ts have panoramic views of the Old City as they climb the historic walls. They can see both the old and new city, including the Old City’s four quarters, the Mount of Olives and Mount Scopus. They can experience Jerusalem’s 4,000-year-old history through exploring the ancient citadel in the air with their adrenaline pumping through thrilling rope courses.

The rope adventure costs NIS 100 per person for those nine years old and up and NIS 40 per person for

those four to six years old. The prices include entrance to the museum.

The exhibit is great for families, allowing children to learn about the city’s history in an exciting way, the museum said.

Towers in the Air will only be open during August. The museum’s hours are Saturday-Thursday 10 a.m.-7 p.m. and Friday 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.

The Tower of David Museum is located at the Tower of David Citadel,

next to Jaffa Gate, and serves as a bridge between the eastern and western parts of the city. The citadel is an important historical and archaeolog­ical site, and the museum showcases different periods of the city’s history.

The museum also features multisenso­ry exhibits, including the Night Spectacula­r, a sound-andlight show that takes place multiple times a week in which the walls of the Citadel are lit up at night to tell the story of the city’s history.

The museum was opened to the public in April 1989 with the help of former Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek. Archaeolog­ical excavation­s took place at the site prior to opening, including renovation­s of many of the rooms of the Citadel to become museum spaces.

Visitors get the chance to see history as far back as the First Temple period almost 2,700 years ago and trace the history of Jerusalem through the exhibits and walls that stand as a testament to the city’s history.

 ??  ?? THE NEW rope-climbing attraction at the Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem’s Old City. (Lauren Morganbess­er)
THE NEW rope-climbing attraction at the Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem’s Old City. (Lauren Morganbess­er)

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