The Jerusalem Post

A quarter are clueless


“One in four US Jews agrees to claims ‘Israel is apartheid state,’ ‘committing genocide’” (July 14) was naturally shocking and thought-provoking.

The first obvious conclusion is that one in four US Jews knows nothing at all about Israel, aside perhaps from what the media, quoting Palestinia­n propaganda lies, has reported.

The same one in four clearly has not experience­d any hint of a home or other educationa­l contact with the ethical and moral framework which are the essence of Jewish teachings and its recommende­d guidelines for a successful way of life. If they had, they would not blindly accept the above claims about the Jewish state without making their own unbiased inquiries to validate or invalidate what they heard.

Both crimes attributed to Israel in the headline are so totally divorced from reality that a minimal attempt to check them would suffice. The depressing truth, if the statistics are accurate, is therefore that one in four US Jews is totally ignorant about Israel and is too cognitivel­y challenged to even be aware of the fact.



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