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Gershon gets Gaza


Gershon Baskin (“The conditions for returning to a two-state solution,” July 15) seems to be coming to the conclusion that most other people came to years ago, namely that the so-called “two-state solution” is a non-starter in the current Middle East reality. Of course it is, and not just for the reasons he gives, which are all correct.

In reality the two-state solution is a four-state solution – Israel plus three Arab states: The state of Gaza, the state of Judea/Samaria (or “Palestine” as the Arabs of the area have incorrectl­y named it), and the 70% of the territory of Mandatory Palestine that was originally designated in internatio­nal law as the Jewish Home, and was then called Transjorda­n and is now called simply “Jordan.”

Baskin clearly states why Gaza cannot be in a united polity with “Palestine” in the foreseeabl­e future, namely because of its domination by Hamas and Iran and in this he is right. Interestin­gly, your own leader article on the same page clearly describes why Hamas and Iran are also the main blocks to any civil progress in Gaza (as Iran is also in its own country and Lebanon). I would add that Hamas is the reason why security instabilit­y and a tortured life are the lot of Israelis in at least half the country.

So what is the inevitable conclusion? Hamas must be removed. We all know the reasons why this would be a costly operation. However, it must be the purpose of Israeli diplomacy to forge an alliance with the US, Egypt and the Gulf States (and perhaps Jordan) which would permit the military defeat of Hamas and Iran, and transform the whole future of the area. This may be dismissed as fantasy, but not long ago the Abraham peace treaties were also a dream.

With Hamas gone and Iran humbled, the whole game changes.


Rosh Pina solution:

1. The Muslim Arabs must accept Israel as a nation state for the Jews.

2. They must accept Jews do not rule over Muslims in Israel and are equal citizens.

3. That we are not therefore an apartheid state that murders Arabs.

4. They must stop demonizing Israel and its people.

5. They must not threaten Jewish lives and stop paying to slay Jews.

6. They must abjure all forms of violence against the Jewish people.

7. The leaders must stop enriching themselves and start building a viable state.

When they meet the above conditions and are prepared to abandon their maximalist territoria­l claims for a reasonable and just compromise, there will be something to talk about.

Until then, I am not holding my breath.


Rishon LeZion

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