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Financial Knowledge Is Important for Growth


The pandemic has introduced with it a new reality for businesses, and alongside the challenges of this period there are also new business opportunit­ies.

That is why it’s recommende­d to adjust your business activity to the new circumstan­ces in terms of the management and operationa­l side of things. For example, when you sit down to draft a business plan, think about how you can reduce your business expenses and at the same time think about new channels for financial growth. This might involve selling additional products that meet your clients’ needs at this moment in time, increasing your online sales by developing your website and distributi­on network or by improving your financial knowledge to streamline the management and operations side of the business. Another way to expand the online sales of the business is to keep an eye out for discounts for business owners, and by consulting with experts in the field of e-commerce.

The Bank Hapoalim Center for Financial Growth offers content and courses free of charge to business owners who are looking to learn how to upgrade their business capabiliti­es and how to make the digital transition.

The writer is the manager of the Gur branch of Bank Hapoalim in Ashdod.

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