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Noga Erez, Hanan Ben Ari among ACUM award winners

- • Jerusalem Post Staff

The Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers in Israel (ACUM) has announced the winners of the 64th annual awards that will celebrate the Israeli music industry’s finest at a ceremony that will take place on August 24.

The winners include singers Eden Hasson, Hanan Ben Ari and Noga Erez.

Erez, who recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! will be awarded the Inbal Perlmutter award for the discovered artist of the year.

“Noga Erez’s great talent has been with us for quite some time. For several years the sweeping, beautiful, clever and meaningful songs were part of an exciting scene that was on the edge of the main street of Israeli music,” ACUM said in a statement

Hasson will be awarded the Sasha Argov award for this year’s best composer.

“She Misheu Ya’atzor Oti” was Hasson’s debut song and won the ACUM Award for Song of the Year in 2018.

“This song was the opening whistle of a marathon runner, a speeding train, an exciting musical ship and let someone try

and stop him. In just three years of career, Eden Hasson is the voice, heart and melody of the younger generation in Israel,” said the statement

Ben Ari will be awarded the Yossi Bnai award for this year’s best lyricist.

“Sometimes it seems like Hanan Ben Ari has always been here. So much so that his work has been assimilate­d into the everyday soundtrack, and has become a clear and precise mirror of our Israeli culture,” ACUM stated

ACUM, which represents the copyrights of more than 10,000 lyricists, composers and music publishers in Israel, will once again host the awards ceremony after a year and a half of hiatus in the industry due to the global pandemic.

“After almost two years in which the music industry has almost ceased to exist, I am happy to see the recovery, and even more happy for the privilege given to us, to encourage, promote and support our composers and award them for their achievemen­ts. Thank you to the award committee for the excellent selection and warm congratula­tions to the winners,” said ACUM CEO Assaf Nahum.

The winners of the award show, which has become a central event in the industry, have been chosen by a panel of judges comprising leading producers in the Israeli music industry.

 ??  ?? NOGA EREZ (Shai Franco)
NOGA EREZ (Shai Franco)

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