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Leila Antakly is the founder and editor of Ninu Nina, a creative platform featuring curated interviews with the world's most inspiring creatives since 2008. She began her career as a fashion assistant at Italian Vogue magazine in New York City, where she was involved in the production of some of the most iconic Vogue covers in the late '90s under the creative direction of Franca Sozzani.

Leila Antakly later produced several film and art documentar­ies and spent five years as Director of Wilhelmina, the first internatio­nal talent and model agency in Dubai. Her sole purpose was to improve the industry standards in the representa­tion of internatio­nal talent in the region.

Leila holds a B.A. in Film and Visual Media from American University and a Master's from Bocconi University in Fashion Experience and Design.

She is passionate about photograph­y, and helping artists connect directly with collectors and enthusiast­s.

She regularly writes about the art world changes, asks artists about their inspiratio­ns, creative process, and recently their experience­s with the pandemic.

She is extremely interested in combining two worlds she is passionate about; art and wellbeing and are developing some ideas on this topic.

As she often says, "Art is a space for exchange, a generator of critical thinking and a meeting point for different perspectiv­es."

She currently resides in Madrid, Spain.


Instagram: @ninuninaof­ficial

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