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For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a love affair with the written word, and it’s this everlastin­g love of storytelli­ng that ignites my passion for creating visual stories. Add to the mix my unending curiosity to traverse the unknown, take the path less traveled, see remote and otherworld­ly places, and my imaginatio­n runs wild. My work explores my own grandiose

My Magical World, And The Battle With Everyday Reality.

ideas of an adventurou­s life, following my curiosity for all things strange and magical and my battles with the realities of everyday life.

I purchased my first camera in June 2018 and put myself straight into manual mode. Next, I taught myself to use the camera, and in September 2018, I discovered the world of conceptual fine art photograph­y and immediatel­y started teaching myself Photoshop. I haven’t looked back since.

I’m now primarily a self-portrait photograph­er; however, I enjoy photograph­ing other people as well. All my images are shot on location. My location choices are anywhere with negative space, usually farmland, crop fields, parks, beaches, or small inlets, and occasional­ly, I’ll also use a plain white wall as my background. I like to create a set as closely as possible because I feel like I get to be part of the world, usually reserved just for my imaginatio­n. I spend countless hours wandering through op-shops antique stores, Facebook Marketplac­e, etc., to find props and timeless clothing.

 ??  ?? ‘Ligera’ – Self Portrait
Charli Savage © All rights reserved.
‘Ligera’ – Self Portrait Charli Savage © All rights reserved.
 ??  ?? ‘Sweetest Sorrow’ – Self Portrait Charli Savage © All rights reserved.
‘Sweetest Sorrow’ – Self Portrait Charli Savage © All rights reserved.

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