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Weface many problems in Syria, and unfortunat­ely, it has become a routine. Still, in my opinion, it's not normal to wait several hours per day to get a seat on public transporta­tion after a long day at work.

One day during my street walking, I decided to stop and watch the entire process of "how can I have a seat in public trans," and I got shocked because It was the first time I'd seen the scene from the outside, and I didn't want to move on, which lead me to pick up the camera and start taking shots.

You can pick up your camera normally in Syria and shotting at tourist places. But, this kind of story, "Syrian thoughts in public transporta­tion," was challengin­g and is not welcomed by the regime and some people. Hence, I was forced to stay invisible and take all the shots stealthily, with no more 5sec for each photo to take, which was difficult for me.

 ?? ?? Hasan Ibrahim Belal © All rights reserved.
Hasan Ibrahim Belal © All rights reserved.
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