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Words for a mime


Sir, – Re “Legendary mime Marcel Marceau dies” (September 24): He was born Marcel Mangel in Strasbourg, France, on March 22, 1923. I remember my mother, Rebbetzen Antoinette Feuerwerke­r, who had lived in Strasbourg, mentioning many times that she knew him as a youngster, and his father, who was a kosher butcher.

During WWII he took refuge in Dordogne, and became active in the French Resistance; his father didn’t return from Auschwitz. He saved the lives of many Jewish children. His upbringing and the Shoah shaped his view of life.

He chose to express his views in silence. But he made himself understood wherever he went. If he became part of the universal patrimony, he never forgot his origins. He touched hearts and minds. No wonder his loss is felt around the world. But a Kaddish cannot be silent.

ELIE FEUERWERKE­R Highland Park, New Jersey

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