Re­vi­val a Li­sbo­na Re­vi­ving the Pa­st in Li­sbon

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Tra­sfor­man­do un vec­chio ma­gaz­zi­no in bir­ri­fi­cio con me­sci­ta Pau­lo Mo­rei­ra di­mo­stra la sua mae­stria nell’uso di ma­te­ria­li po­ve­ri Pau­lo Mo­rei­ra de­mon­stra­tes his ma­ste­ry of the use of low-co­st ma­te­rials tran­sfor­ming an old ware­hou­se in­to a brewe­ry wi­th a ta­proom

Se­guen­do uno sce­na­rio già vi­sto in mol­te al­tre cit­tà eu­ro­pee, an­che a Li­sbo­na ne­go­zi, caf­fè, gal­le­rie d’ar­te, spa­zi per il co-wor­king e loft spun­ta­no co­me fun­ghi. Pau­lo Mo­rei­ra, ar­chi­tet­to di Por­to, ha se­gui­to la ri­qua­li­fi­ca­zio­ne di un ma­gaz­zi­no di­smes­so per ospi­ta­re il bir­ri­fi­cio Mu­sa, do­ve si pro­du­ce bir­ra ed è pos­si­bi­le con­su­mar­la. Le fun­zio­ni so­no tre: un pic­co­lo sta­bi­li­men­to in­du­stria­le, al­cu­ne fun­zio­ni tec­ni­che e am­mi­ni­stra­ti­ve e una sa­la pub­bli­ca. Man­te­nen­do aper­te al­cu­ne vi­sua­li è sem­pre pos­si­bi­le per­ce­pi­re l’in­te­ra lun­ghez­za dell’edi­fi­cio e, men­tre si sor­seg­gia una bir­ra, ve­de­re da do­ve pro­ven­ga. Co­me già in pre­ce­den­ti pro­get­ti re­si­den­zia­li, Mo­rei­ra ri­ci­cla i re­sti di una cul­tu­ra in­du­stria­le scom­par­sa e ope­ra per stra­ti: al pas­sa­to, che si leg­ge nei mu­ri la­scia­ti a vi­sta o nel­le tra­va­tu­re del tet­to, ag­giun­ge una nuo­va at­mo­sfe­ra, ag­gan­cia­ta al­la me­mo­ria del luo­go. (Fa­bri­zio Gallanti)

Fol­lo­wing a play­book al­rea­dy seen in ma­ny other Eu­ro­pean ci­ties, in Li­sbon shops, ca­fés, art gal­le­ries, co-wor­king spa­ces and ob­viou­sly lof­ts are pop­ping up li­ke mu­sh­rooms. Pau­lo Mo­rei­ra, an ar­chi­tect from Por­to, over­saw the con­ver­sion in­to a brewe­ry of a di­su­sed ware­hou­se for the brewing com­pa­ny Mu­sa, a spa­ce whe­re beer is pro­du­ced and can al­so be con­su­med. Its pur­po­se is th­ree­fold: to hou­se a small in­du­strial fa­ci­li­ty, a few tech­ni­cal and ad­mi­ni­stra­ti­ve func­tions, and a pu­blic spa­ce. Be­cau­se cer­tain areas we­re left open, the en­ti­re leng­th of the buil­ding is al­ways vi­si­ble and whi­le you sip your beer you can see exac­tly whe­re it co­mes from. As he had al­rea­dy do­ne in pre­vious re­si­den­tial pro­jec­ts, Mo­rei­ra re­cy­cles the re­mains of a lo­st in­du­strial cul­tu­re and works in layers: to the pa­st, seen in the ex­po­sed walls and roof beams, he adds on a new at­mo­sphe­re, tied to the me­mo­ry of the pla­ce

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