De­si­gn Shan­ghai

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So­no gran­di nu­me­ri quel­li di De­si­gn Shan­ghai, il Sa­lo­ne che l’an­no scor­so ha re­gi­stra­to ol­tre 50mi­la vi­si­ta­to­ri da ol­tre 70 Pae­si. La quin­ta edi­zio­ne che si tie­ne dal 14 al 17 mar­zo ac­co­glie 400 espo­si­to­ri tra azien­de, gal­le­rie e de­si­gner in­di­pen­den­ti, lo­ca­li e stra­nie­ri. Ol­tre ai pa­di­glio­ni tra­di­zio­na­li (ba­gno, cu­ci­na, clas­si­co e lus­so, la­vo­ro, con­tem­po­ra­neo) que­st’an­no c’è an­che quel­lo dedicato al­le col­le­zio­ni li­mi­ta­te e ai pro­get­ti tra ar­te e de­si­gn. Si con­fer­ma il for­mat del “fuo­ri­sa­lo­ne” che ve­drà i crea­ti­vi ci­men­tar­si con il te­ma The New So­cial Era on Boun­da­ry: espe­rien­ze sen­so­ria­li, in­tel­li­gen­za ar­ti­fi­cia­le, nuo­vi ma­te­ria­li. (AP)

De­si­gn Shan­ghai in­vol­ves lar­ge num­bers. La­st year the show drew over 50,000 vi­si­tors from over 70 coun­tries, a fi­gu­re that looks set to be even hi­gher for the fif­th edi­tion, whi­ch runs from 14 to 17 Mar­ch, 400 ex­hi­bi­tors ex­pec­ted. As well as the tra­di­tio­nal halls (ba­th­rooms, clas­sic and lu­xu­ry kit­chens, work spa­ces, con­tem­po­ra­ry), this year the­re will be one de­vo­ted to li­mi­ted col­lec­tions and pro­jec­ts that co­me mid­way bet­ween art and de­si­gn. The fuo­ri­sa­lo­ne for­mat will tac­kle the the­me of The New So­cial Era on Boun­da­ry: sen­so­rial ex­pe­rien­ce, ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gen­ce, new ma­te­rials.

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