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Plug&Play, the ba­sic con­cept be­hind di­gi­tal tech­no­lo­gy, mo­ves to the world of lighting. The hi­gh de­gree of tech­no­lo­gi­cal ad­van­ce­ment lamps ha­ve now achie­ved is of a kind that is ex­tre­me­ly in­tui­ti­ve and avai­la­ble to all. But for all their in­cre­di­ble va­rie­ty, the new lamps are all clean and neu­tral in de­si­gn, blen­ding ef­for­tles­sly in­to any pri­va­te or pu­blic en­vi­ron­ment, at ho­me and in the wor­k­pla­ce. They fea­tu­re sim­pli­fied con­tours and gra­phic fea­tu­res, mo­du­lar and fle­xi­ble ele­men­ts, and sim­ple, im­me­dia­te mo­ve­men­ts that de­li­ver in­crea­sin­gly hi­gh per­for­man­ce and ma­xi­mum vi­sual com­fort, wi­th the light they sup­ply even ap­pea­ring to blend in­se­pa­ra­bly in­to the ma­te­rials around it.

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