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A si­ni­stra, la cu­po­la a cas­set­to­ni di­pin­ti che so­vra­sta lo sca­lo­ne d’ono­re del­la Zec­ca di Pa­ri­gi e uno scor­cio sul­la Cor­te d’oro (in bas­so). Qui sot­to, il pas­sag­gio che col­le­ga la Cor­te Be­n­ja­min Fran­klin (nel­la pa­gi­na ac­can­to) al­la Cor­te d’oro. In aper­tu­ra di ser­vi­zio, il ve­sti­bo­lo del pa­laz­zo.

Left, the do­me wi­th pain­ted cof­fers abo­ve the grand stair­ca­se of the Pa­ris Mint (top) and a view of the Court of Gold (bot­tom). Be­low, the pas­sa­ge lin­king the Be­n­ja­min Fran­klin Court (fa­cing pa­ge) wi­th the Court of Gold. Pre­vious pa­ges, the en­tran­ce hall of the buil­ding.

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