Stel­la ER­CO,

Abitare - - DESIGN -

Con flus­si lu­mi­no­si fi­no a 9840 lu­men, que­sti fa­ret­ti, wa­sher e wall­wa­sher a Led, da mon­ta­re su bi­na­ri elet­tri­fi­ca­ti, rag­giun­go­no po­ten­za e pre­ci­sio­ne straor­di­na­rie sul­la lun­ga di­stan­za (in pas­sa­to ca­rat­te­ri­sti­ca del­le lam­pa­de ad alo­ge­nu­ri me­tal­li­ci da 150 W) con il di­mez­za­men­to dei con­su­mi. Ri­sul­ta­no quin­di idea­li per il­lu­mi­na­re ar­chi­tet­tu­re o mo­nu­men­ti, e più in ge­ne­ra­le spa­zi dal­le di­men­sio­ni im­por­tan­ti.

Wi­th lu­mi­nous flu­xes of up to 9840 lu­men, the­se LED spo­tlights, wa­shers and wall­wa­shers, de­si­gned to be moun­ted on elec­tri­fied tracks, achie­ve a re­mar­ka­ble le­vel of po­wer and pre­ci­sion over long di­stan­ces (so­me­thing that pre­viou­sly re­qui­red 150 W me­tal ha­li­de bulbs) but con­su­me half as mu­ch ener­gy. This ma­kes them ideal for flood­lighting mo­nu­men­ts and ar­chi­tec­tu­ral fea­tu­res, and for other lar­ge areas re­qui­ring il­lu­mi­na­tion.­

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