Hel­lo, BELUX, de­si­gn Ste­phan Hür­le­mann

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At­tra­ver­so un uni­co ca­vo mon­ta­to a sof­fit­to, pa­re­te o pa­vi­men­to e lam­pa­de a for­ma sfe­ri­ca di due di­men­sio­ni di­ver­se, che pos­so­no es­se­re ag­giun­te, spo­sta­te e pun­ta­te in qual­sia­si di­re­zio­ne, ec­co un si­ste­ma fles­si­bi­le che for­ni­sce lu­ce Led ovun­que sia ne­ces­sa­rio. Il ca­vo di ali­men­ta­zio­ne a spi­ra­le si av­vol­ge at­tor­no a quel­lo por­tan­te, tra­sfe­ren­do la cor­ren­te da un dif­fu­so­re all’al­tro.

A fle­xi­ble sy­stem that pro­vi­des LED lighting whe­re­ver it is nee­ded thanks to a sin­gle cei­ling-, wall- or floor-moun­ted ca­ble, and sphe­ri­cal bulb uni­ts of two si­zes, whi­ch can be ad­ded to, mo­ved and ad­ju­sted to point in any di­rec­tion. Po­wer is fed th­rou­gh the spi­ral po­wer sup­ply ca­ble – wrap­ped around the ten­sion ca­ble – from one lighting ele­ment to ano­ther –. www.belux.com

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