CATELLANI&SMI­TH, Le­de­ram Man­ta, de­si­gn En­zo Catellani

Abitare - - DESIGN -

Si al­lar­ga la fa­mi­glia di lam­pa­de con la nuo­va ver­sio­ne a so­spen­sio­ne che sti­liz­za il mo­vi­men­to del­la man­ta. La co­stru­zio­ne è sem­pli­ce: un mo­du­lo Led, na­sco­sto da un di­sco, ge­ne­ra pe­nom­bre e ri­fles­si can­gian­ti sul­la su­per­fi­cie in­ter­na con fi­ni­tu­ra oro, ar­gen­to, ra­me o bian­co. Sen­za tra­sfor­ma­to­re, dim­me­ra­bi­le, ga­ran­ti­sce un con­su­mo ri­dot­to.

This fa­mi­ly of lamps has been ex­ten­ded to in­clu­de a new pen­dant ver­sion fea­tu­ring a sty­li­sed form of the mo­ve­ment of the man­ta ray. Con­struc­tion is sim­ple: a LED mo­du­le, con­cea­led by a di­sk, ge­ne­ra­tes sha­do­ws and shim­me­ring re­flec­tions on the in­ner sur­fa­ce, whi­ch has a gold, sil­ver, cop­per or whi­te fi­ni­sh. It is tran­sfor­mer-less, dim­ma­ble and low ener­gy.­tel­la­ni­smi­

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