IGUZ­ZI­NI, La­ser Bla­de XS

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Di­men­sio­ni mi­ni­me, mas­si­me pre­sta­zio­ni. Tra i pro­dot­ti mi­nia­tu­riz­za­ti che l’azien­da pre­sen­ta a Light+Buil­ding 2018, c’è il più pic­co­lo do­wn­light li­nea­re (con una se­zio­ne qua­dra­ta mi­ni­ma di so­li 26 mm), che si esten­de in tre di­men­sio­ni, due ot­ti­che e due al­tez­ze. La lu­ce è am­pli­fi­ca­ta da un mi­cro ban­co ot­ti­co con tec­no­lo­gia Op­ti Beam e da un ot­ti­mo com­fort vi­si­vo gra­zie al­la sor­gen­te in­vi­si­bi­le.

Mi­nia­tu­ri­sa­tion in re­la­tion to si­ze, not per­for­man­ce. The mi­nia­tu­ri­sed pro­duc­ts the firm is pre­sen­ting at Light+Buil­ding 2018 in­clu­de the small li­near do­wn­light (wi­th a mi­ni­mum squa­re sec­tion of ju­st 26 mm) ex­ten­ding in th­ree di­rec­tions, wi­th two bulb uni­ts and in two heights. The light is ma­xi­mi­sed by a mi­cro op­ti­cal ele­ment fea­tu­ring Op­ti Beam tech­no­lo­gy and the light sour­ce is hid­den, gi­ving ex­cel­lent vi­sual com­fort. www.iguz­zi­ni.com

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