Pas­se­par­tout55 so­pra­ta­vo­lo, CINI&NILS, de­si­gn Lu­ta Bet­to­ni­ca

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È la dop­pia sor­gen­te lu­mi­no­sa – ad alta ef­fi­cien­za ener­ge­ti­ca ab­bi­na­ta a un in­di­ce di re­sa cro­ma­ti­ca (CRI) su­pe­rio­re a 90, che ri­spet­ta la na­tu­ra­le per­ce­zio­ne dei co­lo­ri – a ren­de­re que­sta so­spen­sio­ne di ot­to­ne e ac­cia­io uti­liz­za­bi­le in mo­do al­ter­na­to o si­mul­ta­neo: l’emis­sio­ne di­ret­ta lo­ca­liz­za­ta ver­so il bas­so e quel­la in­di­ret­ta e dif­fu­sa ver­so l’al­to pos­so­no es­se­re ge­sti­te se­pa­ra­ta­men­te an­che per quan­to ri­guar­da ac­cen­sio­ne e dim­me­ra­zio­ne.

A dual, hi­gh-ener­gy ef­fi­cien­cy light sour­ce and a co­lour ren­de­ring in­dex (CRI) of over 90 that re­spec­ts na­tu­ral co­lour per­cep­tion means that the two parts of this brass and steel pen­dant lamp can be used ei­ther al­ter­na­te­ly or si­mul­ta­neou­sly: sin­ce the do­wn­lighting and uplighting can be ma­na­ged se­pa­ra­te­ly, the two lighting uni­ts can in fact be swit­ched on or off and dim­med in­de­pen­den­tly of one ano­ther.­nie­

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