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The­se days we are all ex­pec­ted to be ex­tre­me­ly dy­na­mic and on the mo­ve, and lamps are adap­ting ac­cor­din­gly. They are being strip­ped of wi­res, fit­ted wi­th re­char­gea­ble bat­te­ries or bat­te­ry packs, or el­se can be char­ged th­rou­gh a com­pu­ter (via a mi­cro USB con­nec­tion) for grea­ter au­to­no­my. The­se are so­lu­tions that pro­ve use­ful al­so in out­door con­tex­ts. In su­ch ca­ses they can ha­ve a si­li­con bo­dy that clo­ses up for ea­sy trans­por­ta­tion or one ma­de of rust­proof pain­ted alu­mi­nium to il­lu­mi­na­te out­door din­ner par­ties. The lat­ter ta­ke their in­spi­ra­tion from old-fa­shio­ned lan­terns, and ha­ve 360° ro­ta­ting dif­fu­sers.

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