Gi­ra­vol­ta, PE­DRA­LI, de­si­gn Ba­sa­glia Ro­ta No­da­ri

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Ispi­ra­ta al­le vec­chie lan­ter­ne, que­sta lam­pa­da Led por­ta­ti­le, dal dif­fu­so­re gi­re­vo­le a 360° at­tor­no all’ar­co di al­lu­mi­nio ver­ni­cia­to, gio­ca con il no­me dell’in­ven­to­re del­la pi­la, Ales­san­dro Vol­ta. È ri­ca­ri­ca­bi­le da pre­sa mi­cro Usb per un uso an­co­ra più ef­fi­cien­te in out­door. È di­spo­ni­bi­le in va­ri co­lo­ri, an­che con ca­la­mi­ta, per es­se­re fis­sa­ta su pia­ni e pa­re­ti di me­tal­lo.

In­spi­red by the old-fa­shio­ned lan­tern, this por­ta­ble LED lamp has a dif­fu­ser that swi­vels th­rou­gh 360° around a pain­ted alu­mi­nium arc, and the na­me (mea­ning ro­ta­tion in Ita­lian) al­so re­fe­ren­ces the in­ven­tor of the bat­te­ry, Ales­san­dro Vol­ta. It can be char­ged th­rou­gh a mi­cro USB con­nec­tion, ma­king it even mo­re ef­fi­cient out­doors. It co­mes in va­rious co­lours and can be fit­ted wi­th a ma­gnet for at­ta­ch­ment to me­tal walls and sur­fa­ces.­dra­

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