Un eco-cha­let di Ap­pa­reil ar­chi­tec­tu­re in una fo­re­sta del Qué­bec vi­ci­no ad Au­sten. An en­vi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly cha­let in a fo­re­st in Que­bec by Ap­pa­reil ar­chi­tec­tu­re.

A small en­vi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly cha­let has sud­den­ly ma­te­ria­li­zed in the midd­le of a fo­re­st in Que­bec, near Au­sten in the tou­ri­st re­gion of Ea­stern To­wn­ships. The form de­vi­sed by Ap­pa­reil ar­chi­tec­tu­re stems from ri­go­rous stu­dy of the si­te and the wood­land


This black cha­let wi­th a to­tal floor area of 136 sqm, along wi­th a tool shed that is a re­pro­duc­tion of it in mi­nia­tu­re, has the clas­sic si­lhouet­te of a “cot­ta­ge in the woods”. In its ri­go­rous and es­sen­tial form it en­ters in­to dia­lo­gue wi­th the sur­roun­ding land­sca­pe, the pri­me sour­ce of in­spi­ra­tion for the young team at Ap­pa­reil, a mul­ti­di­sci­pli­na­ry prac­ti­ce ba­sed in Mon­treal that has its roo­ts in Nor­dic cul­tu­re as far as the ma­te­rials and me­thods of con­struc­tion uti­li­zed and its lan­gua­ge are con­cer­ned. Even be­fo­re ima­gi­ning the struc­tu­re of the buil­ding the ar­chi­tec­ts Ro­bert La­vo­ie

and Kim Pa­ri­seau ma­de a tho­rou­gh stu­dy of the cha­rac­te­ri­stics of the si­te and the wood­land set­ting in or­der to op­ti­mi­ze eve­ry li­ne and eve­ry vo­lu­me in re­la­tion to the qua­li­ties of the eco­sy­stem and crea­te a sym­bio­sis bet­ween ar­chi­tec­tu­re and na­tu­re. This re­spect for the en­vi­ron­ment is al­so con­fir­med by the de­ci­sion to lo­ca­te a par­king area well away from the hou­se, wi­th whi­ch it is con­nec­ted by a pa­th run­ning th­rou­gh the trees that then turns in­to ce­dar wood dec­king lin­king the two struc­tu­res. The main buil­ding is or­ga­ni­zed around a cen­tral tech­ni­cal co­re that is lo­ca­ted on bo­th le­vels, par­tial­ly in­te­gra­tes the kit­chen and its spa­cious lar­der and helps to se­pa­ra­te dif­fe­rent func­tions wi­thout in­ter­rup­ting the con­ti­nui­ty of the spa­ces. The day zo­ne on the ground floor con­sists of a sin­gle full-height spa­ce wi­th cu­stom-built fur­ni­tu­re on­to whi­ch the night zo­ne on the up­per floor fa­ces. The mo­no­chro­ma­tic cor­ru­ga­ted-steel clad­ding is echoed on the in­si­de of the hou­se by se­ve­ral black ele­men­ts, su­ch as the han­ging lamps, in con­tra­st wi­th the pre­va­len­ce of light co­lours – the whi­te of the cei­lings and the loft that con­tains the night zo­ne, the ply­wood pa­nels of the walls ma­de from Bal­tic po­plar and bir­ch, the grey of the po­li­shed ce­ment floor – ma­de even brighter by the na­tu­ral light en­te­ring thou­gh the lar­ge ex­pan­ses of glass. The well-in­su­la­ted cha­let has un­der­floor hea­ting on the ground floor, a wood sto­ve in the li­ving room and con­vec­tors on the fir­st floor. The buil­ding’s ca­re­ful­ly stu­died orien­ta­tion al­so plays a part in crea­ting the right cli­ma­te

At­mo­sfe­ra ario­sa per sog­gior­no e sa­la da pran­zo che go­do­no del­la dop­pia al­tez­za del sof­fit­to. An ai­ry at­mo­sphe­re for the li­ving and di­ning rooms, whi­ch ha­ve a dou­ble-height cei­ling.

La na­tu­ra en­tra a fa­re par­te dell’abi­ta­zio­ne gra­zie ad aper­tu­re ben stu­dia­te. Na­tu­re en­ters the hou­se th­rou­gh well-stu­died ope­nings.

La es­sen­zia­le ma­te­ri­ci­tà dell’ar­chi­tet­tu­ra si in­se­ri­sce per­fet­ta­men­te del pae­sag­gio bo­schi­vo. The es­sen­tial ma­te­rial of the ar­chi­tec­tu­re blend per­fec­tly in­to the woo­ded land­sca­pe.

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