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Tra lus­so ed “edu­tain­ment” lo stu­dio pa­ri­gi­no Pro­jec­ti­les met­te in sce­na il mi­ste­ro del pro­fu­mo in un mu­seo sen­so­ria­le. Ospi­ta­to da un ele­gan­te hô­tel par­ti­cu­lier So­mewhe­re bet­ween lu­xu­ry and “edu­tain­ment”, the Pa­ri­sian stu­dio Pro­jec­ti­les un­ra­vels the my­ste­ries of per­fu­me in a sen­so­ry mu­seum. Hou­sed in an ele­gant hô­tel par­ti­cu­lier

Un hô­tel par­ti­cu­lier pa­ri­gi­no di rue Fau­bourg Saint-Ho­no­ré è sta­to tra­sfor­ma­to dal­lo stu­dio di ar­chi­tet­tu­ra e sce­no­gra­fia Pro­jec­ti­les nel Gran­de Mu­seo del Pro­fu­mo. Qui la fu­sio­ne tra fi­na­li­tà lu­di­che e pe­da­go­gi­che of­fre un viag­gio sen­so­ria­le av­va­len­do­si di per­cor­si in­te­rat­ti­vi e di in­stal­la­zio­ni vi­si­ve e ol­fat­ti­ve che ri­co­strui­sco­no at­tra­ver­so set­tan­ta di­ver­se es­sen­ze la sto­ria del pro­fu­mo dall’An­ti­co Egit­to a oggi. La pro­get­ta­zio­ne si è strut­tu­ra­ta in due fa­si di­stin­te. Ini­zial­men­te so­no sta­te in­di­vi­dua­te e ana­liz­za­te le com­ples­se espe­rien­ze – le­ga­te al­la scien­za, al­la me­mo­ria, all’ar­te e al­la cul­tu­ra – che de­fi­ni­sco­no per­ce­zio­ne e si­gni­fi­ca­to del pro­fu­mo. Nel­la se­con­da fa­se, spie­ga Re­za Azard di Pro­jec­ti­les, «so­no sta­te con­ce­pi­te al­tre espe­rien­ze che na­sco­no nel gio­co di con­fron­to con la sca­la spa­zia­le, rein­ter­pre­tan­do i co­di­ci este­ti­ci e ar­chi­tet­to­ni­ci dell’edi­fi­cio». Al­lo sco­po di re­sti­tui­re l’es­sen­za po­li­for­ma del­le sen­sa­zio­ni ol­fat­ti­ve e il lo­ro im­pre­scin­di­bi­le ruo­lo di “ma­sche­ra so­cia­le”, lo stu­dio d’ar­chi­tet­tu­ra ha in­vi­ta­to a rea­liz­za­re spe­ci­fi­che in­stal­la­zio­ni al­tri team crea­ti­vi, co­me Har­vey & John, Ja­son Bru­ges e lo stu­dio AC3. (Ele­na Fran­zo­ia)

A ele­gant hô­tel par­ti­cu­lier on the rue Fau­bourg Saint-Ho­no­ré was tran­sfor­med by the young Pa­ri­sian agen­cy Pro­jec­ti­les in­to the Grand Mu­sée du Par­fum. The fu­sion bet­ween play­ful and edu­ca­tio­nal con­tent of­fers a sen­so­ry jour­ney in­to the my­ste­ries of fra­gran­ces, using in­te­rac­ti­ve tours and in­no­va­ti­ve set­tings that, thanks to vi­sual and ol­fac­to­ry in­stal­la­tions, re­con­struct the hi­sto­ry of per­fu­me from an­cient Egypt to to­day th­rou­gh 70 dif­fe­rent es­sen­ces. The de­si­gn pro­cess was struc­tu­red in two di­stinct pha­ses. Fir­st of all the com­plex ex­pe­rien­ces (tied to scien­ce, me­mo­ry, art and cul­tu­re) that de­fi­ne the per­cep­tion and mea­ning of per­fu­me we­re in­di­vi­dua­ted and ana­ly­sed. In the se­cond pha­se, Re­za Azard of Pro­jec­ti­les ex­plains, “other ex­pe­rien­ces we­re ima­gi­ned and de­si­gned by play­ing on the con­fron­ta­tion wi­th the spa­tial sca­le, and by rein­ter­pre­ting the ae­sthe­tic and ar­chi­tec­tu­ral co­des of the buil­ding.” Wi­th the sco­pe of rein­sta­ting the mul­ti­fa­ce­ted es­sen­ce to the ol­fac­to­ry sen­ses and their in­di­spen­sa­ble ro­le as a “so­cial ma­sk”, Pro­jec­ti­les in­vol­ved other crea­ti­ve teams in the crea­tion of spe­ci­fic in­stal­la­tions (Har­vey & John, Ja­son Bru­ges and AC3 stu­dio)

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