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La Mon­go­lia pro­get­ta il tra­sfe­ri­men­to del­la se­de del go­ver­no da Ulan Ba­tor a una cit­tà idea­le Mon­go­lia is plan­ning to trans­fer its seat of go­vern­ment from Ulan Ba­tor to an ideal ci­ty

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Di Mai­dar – de­sti­na­ta a so­sti­tui­re Ulan Ba­tor co­me ca­pi­ta­le del­la Mon­go­lia – si è par­la­to in gen­na­io a Bol­za­no in oc­ca­sio­ne del­la con­fe­ren­za sul­la mo­bi­li­tà di Kli­ma­hou­se. Que­sta eco-ci­ty ispi­ra­ta al­la yur­ta e di­se­gna­ta dal te­de­sco Ste­fan Sch­mi­tz – inau­gu­ra­zio­ne at­te­sa nel 2030 – vuo­le es­se­re una “cit­tà a mi­su­ra d’uo­mo”: avrà 350mi­la abi­tan­ti e una strut­tu­ra ra­dia­le e in­sie­me po­li­cen­tri­ca in cui muo­ver­si pre­va­len­te­men­te in bi­ci e con mez­zi pub­bli­ci. Sia­mo vi­ci­no al De­ser­to del Go­bi: gran­di ci­ster­ne con­sen­ti­ran­no di re­cu­pe­ra­re le ac­que plu­via­li fi­to­de­pu­ra­te. (Sa.B) Mai­dar – de­sti­ned to ta­ke Ulan Ba­tor’s pla­ce as ca­pi­tal of Mon­go­lia – was the su­b­ject of di­scus­sion at Bo­zen in Ja­nua­ry on the oc­ca­sion of the Kli­ma­hou­se con­fe­ren­ce on trans­port. This eco-ci­ty in­spi­red by the yurt and de­si­gned by the Ger­man ar­chi­tect Ste­fan Sch­mi­tz – ope­ning sche­du­led for 2030 – is in­ten­ded to be a “ci­ty on a hu­man sca­le”: it will ha­ve 350,000 in­ha­bi­tan­ts and a struc­tu­re at on­ce ra­dial and po­ly­cen­tric in whi­ch peo­ple will mo­ve around chie­fly by bi­cy­cle and on pu­blic trans­port. It will be lo­ca­ted clo­se to the Go­bi De­sert: lar­ge ci­sterns will be used to sto­re rai­n­wa­ter pu­ri­fied by con­struc­ted we­tland

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