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L’am­mi­ni­stra­zio­ne di San Fran­ci­sco ha da po­co ap­pro­va­to all’una­ni­mi­tà il di­vie­to pe­ren­ne di ven­de­re pel­lic­ce ani­ma­li sul pro­prio ter­ri­to­rio. È la pri­ma gran­de cit­tà de­gli Sta­ti Uni­ti a pren­de­re una si­mi­le mi­su­ra. Un pas­so ul­te­rio­re nel­le po­li­ti­che di tu­te­la del­le spe­cie ani­ma­li che fi­no a ora si era­no in­cen­tra­te sul di­vie­to di al­le­va­men­to. Co­me di­re ba­sta con la lo­gi­ca del “fa­te­lo pu­re, ma non qui”. È in­te­res­san­te che sia sta­ta una cit­tà a pren­de­re que­sta de­ci­sio­ne e con­fer­ma una ten­den­za or­mai in at­to in tut­to il mondo. So­no pro­prio le gran­di aree ur­ba­ne – cau­sa del­la mag­gior parte dell’in­qui­na­men­to, dell’im­po­ve­ri­men­to na­tu­ra­le e in ge­ne­ra­le del­le aggressioni all’am­bien­te – a cer­ca­re ri­me­di e a per­cor­re­re nuo­ve stra­de. Se­gno evi­den­te che l’in­tel­li­gen­za di una cit­tà non può più es­se­re mi­su­ra­ta at­tra­ver­so la sua do­ta­zio­ne tec­no­lo­gi­ca, ma piut­to­sto at­tra­ver­so la sua ca­pa­ci­tà di agi­re re­spon­sa­bil­men­te. ( SB) The San Fran­ci­sco Board of Su­per­vi­sors re­cen­tly vo­ted una­ni­mou­sly to ban the sa­le of fur wi­thin the city li­mi­ts. It is the fir­st lar­ge city in the Uni­ted Sta­tes to pass su­ch a mea­su­re. Ano­ther step in the po­li­cy of pro­tec­ting ani­mal spe­cies that up un­til now has cen­tred on the pro­hi­bi­tion of rai­sing ani­mals for their fur. As if to say enou­gh of the lo­gic of “you can do it, but not he­re”. It is in­te­re­sting that it is a city that has ta­ken this de­ci­sion and it con­firms a trend now vi­si­ble all over the world. It is the lar­ge ur­ban areas – the cau­se of mo­st pol­lu­tion and im­po­ve­rish­ment of na­tu­re and in ge­ne­ral guil­ty of the grea­te­st at­tacks on the en­vi­ron­ment – that are see­king re­me­dies and going do­wn new roads. A clear si­gn that the in­tel­li­gen­ce of a city can no lon­ger be mea­su­red on the ba­sis of its tech­no­lo­gi­cal le­vel, but should in­stead be gau­ged in terms of its abi­li­ty to act re­spon­si­bly.

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San Fran­ci­sco, SFMoMA, Snø­het­ta: nuo­vo am­plia­men­to

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