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Lau­rea­ta in de­si­gn, ab­brac­cia il mon­do dell’edi­to­ria la­vo­ran­do per di­ver­se te­sta­te. Ap­pas­sio­na­ta di map­pe e so­ste­ni­tri­ce del­la pra­ti­ca em­pi­ri­ca co­me stru­men­to di cre­sci­ta, si è spin­ta a esplo­ra­re Ki­ri­ba­ti per cer­ca­re il pun­to-ze­ro di al­cu­ni te­mi che da sem­pre l’ap­pas­sio­na­no: spa­zi pub­bli­ci, so­cio­lo­gia, an­tro­po­lo­gia. Af­ter gra­dua­ting in de­si­gn, she has em­bra­ced the world of pu­bli­shing. A lo­ver of maps and a sup­por­ter of em­pi­ri­cal prac­ti­ce as a means of gro­w­th, she has ven­tu­red as far as Ki­ri­ba­ti in sear­ch of the va­ni­shing point of a num­ber of que­stions that ha­ve al­ways fa­sci­na­ted her: pu­blic spa­ces, so­cio­lo­gy, an­th­ro­po­lo­gy.

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