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Gra­zie all’oc­chio pri­vi­le­gia­to del fo­to­gra­fo Julien La­noo, Built Un­built ri­per­cor­re i se­di­ci an­ni di at­ti­vi­tà pro­fes­sio­na­le dell’ar­chi­tet­to bel­ga Julien De Smedt, da­gli ini­zi nel 2001 con Bjar­ke In­gles (co­fon­da­to­re del­lo stu­dio Plot) al­la crea­zio­ne del suo stu­dio (JDS). L’at­ti­vi­tà pro­fes­sio­na­le di De Smedt com­pren­de rea­liz­za­zio­ni co­me l’Hol­men­kol­len Ski Jump di Oslo, il cui po­ten­te im­pat­to al­la sca­la pae­sag­gi­sti­ca lo ha re­so una del­le strut­tu­re spor­ti­ve più vi­si­ta­te del mon­do, o pro­get­ti in Da­ni­mar­ca che evi­den­zia­no il pro­fon­do con­tat­to che la sua ar­chi­tet­tu­ra per­se­gue e pro­po­ne tra col­let­ti­vi­tà e na­tu­ra. Co­me so­stie­ne nel suo sag­gio Ka­ren Wong, “Built Un­built te­sti­mo­nia una de­li­be­ra­ta ver­sa­ti­li­tà, in gra­do di ren­de­re lo spa­zio pub­bli­co si­no­ni­mo di gio­co gra­zie a un’ar­chi­tet­tu­ra per­for­ma­ti­va che in­co­rag­gia gli abi­tan­ti a di­ven­ta­re pro­ta­go­ni­sti”. La se­con­da par­te del li­bro – che De Smedt de­fi­ni­sce “un cimitero ar­chi­tet­to­ni­co” – af­fron­ta in­ve­ce i pro­get­ti non rea­liz­za­ti, ric­chi di in­tui­zio­ni che co­sti­tui­ran­no un fer­ti­le hu­mus per le ope­re fu­tu­re. ( Ele­na Fran­zo­ia) A book wi­th pho­tos by Julien La­noo, Built Un­built re­vi­si­ts six­teen years of work by the Bel­gian ar­chi­tect Julien De Smedt, from the be­gin­nings in 2001 wi­th Bjar­ke In­gles (co­foun­der of the stu­dio PLOT) to the crea­tion of his own in­de­pen­dent stu­dio (JDS). De Smedt’s pro­fes­sio­nal work in­clu­des pro­jec­ts su­ch as the Hol­men­kol­len Ski Jump in Oslo, who­se po­wer­ful im­pact on the land­sca­pe sca­le has ma­de it one of the world’s mo­st vi­si­ted sports in­stal­la­tions, and a num­ber of pro­jec­ts in Den­mark whi­ch hi­ghlight the deep com­mu­nion bet­ween com­mu­ni­ties and na­tu­re his ar­chi­tec­tu­re seeks to in­stil. As Ka­ren Wong wri­tes in her es­say, “Built Un­built is a te­sta­ment of a de­li­be­ra­te ver­sa­ti­li­ty that fra­mes an in­ge­nious prac­ti­ce that con­ti­nual­ly evo­kes com­mu­ni­ty and so­cial en­ga­ge­ment. De Smedt ma­kes pu­blic spa­ce sy­no­ny­mous wi­th play, pro­vi­ding per­for­ma­ti­ve ar­chi­tec­tu­re that en­cou­ra­ges ci­ty dwel­lers to be­co­me ac­tors in their own bac­kyard.” The se­cond part of the book— whi­ch De Smedt re­fers to as “an ar­chi­tec­tu­re ce­me­te­ry”—ad­dres­ses pro­jec­ts that are still un­built, ri­ch in in­tui­tions, pro­vi­ding fer­ti­le top­soil for fu­tu­re works.

Pro­get­ti di / Pro­jec­ts by Ju­lian De Smedt, fo­to di / pho­tos by Julien La­noo. Dall’al­to / From top: He­do­ni­stic roof­top Pen­thou­ses, Co­pe­n­ha­gen; Faa­borg Har­bour Ba­th; Hol­men­kol­len Ski Jump; Hang­z­hou Ga­teway.

Built Un­built Julien De Smedt a cu­ra di / edi­ted by Shu­mi Bo­se and Mark Isitt sag­gi di / es­says by Kar­sten If­ver­sen, Mi­chael Speaks, Ka­ren Wong Fra­me Pu­bli­shers, am­ster­dam, 2017 pp. 328, € 34

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