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Il grat­ta­cie­lo-ori­ga­mi Sky­shel­ter.zip è sta­to pen­sa­to da tre de­si­gner po­lac­chi co­me ri­fu­gio d’emer­gen­za in ca­so di di­sa­stri na­tu­ra­li: gli ele­men­ti di car­ta del­la strut­tu­ra ri­pie­ga­ti si tra­spor­ta­no in eli­cot­te­ro e si mon­ta­no ra­pi­da­men­te. The Sky­shel­ter.zip ori­ga­mi­sky­scra­per was crea­ted by th­ree Po­li­sh de­si­gners as a shel­ter for use in the event of na­tu­ral di­sa­sters: the pa­per ele­men­ts of the struc­tu­re can be trans­por­ted by he­li­cop­ter and ra­pid­ly as­sem­bled.

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