La col­le­zio­ne di pa­let­ti e ap­pli­que Blend di Pla­tek, di­se­gna­ta da Mar­co Acer­bis, si in­se­ri­sce ar­mo­nio­sa­men­te in ogni con­te­sto The Blend col­lec­tion of lighting posts and wall lamps by Pla­tek, de­si­gned by Mar­co Acer­bis, har­mo­niou­sly fi­ts in­to eve­ry set­ting

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Ot­ti­che so­fi­sti­ca­te per ri­spon­de­re al­le più di­ver­se esi­gen­ze, dall’ar­re­do ur­ba­no al re­si­den­zia­le. La fa­mi­glia di ap­pa­rec­chi il­lu­mi­nan­ti per out­door Blend fir­ma­ta dal de­si­gner Mar­co Acer­bis, di­ret­to­re crea­ti­vo di

Pla­tek, è de­ci­sa­men­te ver­sa­ti­le gra­zie al­le ca­rat­te­ri­sti­che dei suoi ele­men­ti, pa­let­ti a lu­ce dif­fu­sa e ap­pli­que mo­no-bi emis­sio­ne o a 360°. Rea­liz­za­ti con al­lu­mi­nio pres­so­fu­so ver­ni­cia­to, so­no stu­dia­ti per con­sen­ti­re una bi-emis­sio­ne con ot­ti­ca dif­fu­sa, sen­za tra­scu­ra­re il fat­to­re este­ti­co. La col­le­zio­ne, di­ce Acer­bis, «ri­cer­ca l’equi­li­brio tra for­ma scul­to­rea e tec­no­lo­gia il­lu­mi­no­tec­ni­ca, ge­ne­ran­do una lu­ce che ol­tre a il­lu­mi­na­re l’am­bien­te gio­ca con l’og­get­to lam­pa­da ca­rat­te­riz­zan­do­lo». Nel pa­let­to, di­spo­ni­bi­le in due al­tez­ze (30-90 cm), il dif­fu­so­re qua­dra­to, da­gli an­go­li smus­sa­ti, è fis­sa­to a un sup­por­to leg­ger­men­te ri­tor­to, co­sì che l’og­get­to ri­sul­ti «bel­lo an­che da spen­to con una for­ma che in­te­ra­gi­sce con la lu­ce del so­le crean­do om­bre e mor­bi­dez­za vi­si­va». For­ma e fun­zio­ne si in­trec­cia­no quin­di in un “blend” ar­mo­nio­so, adat­to a pro­get­ti di ar­chi­tet­tu­ra e di pae­sag­gio. So­phi­sti­ca­ted len­ses to re­spond to the mo­st va­ried needs, from urban to re­si­den­tial fur­ni­shings. The Blend fa­mi­ly of out­door lighting de­vi­ces crea­ted by the de­si­gner Mar­co Acer­bis, crea­ti­ve di­rec­tor of

Pla­tek, is de­ci­ded­ly ver­sa­ti­le thanks to the cha­rac­te­ri­stics of its ele­men­ts, dif­fu­se lighting posts and sin­gle or dou­ble emis­sion or 360° wall lamps. Ma­de of pain­ted ca­st alu­mi­nium, they are de­si­gned to al­low for dou­ble emis­sion wi­th a dif­fu­se lens, wi­thout ne­glec­ting the ae­sthe­tic fac­tor. The col­lec­tion, says Acer­bis, “seeks to ba­lan­ce sculp­tu­ral form and lighting tech­no­lo­gy, ge­ne­ra­ting a light that on top of il­lu­mi­na­ting the spa­ce plays wi­th the lamp ob­ject, gi­ving it per­so­na­li­ty”. In the lighting po­st, avai­la­ble in two heights (30-90 cm), the squa­re dif­fu­ser wi­th roun­ded cor­ners is af­fi­xed to a slightly twi­sted sup­port, so that the ob­ject ap­pears “beau­ti­ful even when off, wi­th a sha­pe that in­te­rac­ts wi­th the sun­light crea­ting sha­do­ws and vi­sual soft­ness”. Form and func­tion thus in­tert­wi­ne in a har­mo­nious “blend”, sui­ta­ble for ar­chi­tec­tu­re and land­sca­pe pro­jec­ts.

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