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Ar­chi­tet­to, vi­ve e la­vo­ra a Mi­la­no. È pro­fes­so­re as­so­cia­to al Po­li­tec­ni­co pres­so il di­par­ti­men­to Ar­chi­tet­tu­ra, in­ge­gne­ria del­le co­stru­zio­ni e am­bien­te co­strui­to. Il suo am­bi­to di ri­cer­ca s’in­cen­tra sul rap­por­to tra teo­ria e pro­get­to con­tem­po­ra­neo, ri­fe­ri­to in par­ti­co­la­re all’am­bi­to ita­lia­no e te­de­sco. È au­to­re e cu­ra­to­re di di­ver­se pub­bli­ca­zio­ni, con­ve­gni e mo­stre. An ar­chi­tect who li­ves and works in Mi­lan. He is as­so­cia­te pro­fes­sor in Ar­chi­tec­tu­re, Con­struc­tio­nal En­gi­nee­ring and Urban Com­po­si­tion at the Po­li­tec­ni­co. His re­sear­ch centres around the re­la­tion­ship bet­ween theo­re­ti­cal con­cep­tion and con­tem­po­ra­ry design, wi­th spe­cial re­fe­ren­ce to Ita­ly and Ger­ma­ny. He has writ­ten and cu­ra­ted va­rious pu­bli­ca­tions, con­fe­ren­ces and ex­hi­bi­tions.

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