Iso­le fe­li­ci

Islands of Hap­pi­ness

Abitare - - SOMMARIO - cu­ra­ted by Mia Piz­zi txt Mas­si­mo Fe­der

cu­ra­ted by mia piz­zi txt mas­si­mo fe­der

| Ri­cer­ca e tec­no­lo­gia per da­re la mas­si­ma sod­di­sfa­zio­ne a chi usa e vi­ve la cu­ci­na: le ul­ti­me ten­den­ze vi­ste a Eu­roCu­ci­na vo­glio­no ma­te­ria­li raf­fi­na­ti co­me il le­gno fos­si­le, il ro­ve­re bru­cia­to, i mar­mi più pre­zio­si e i me­tal­li; elet­tro­do­me­sti­ci bel­li e su­per per­for­man­ti, zo­ne di ser­vi­zio ele­gan­ti e mol­to at­trez­za­te / Tech­no­lo­gi­cal re­sear­ch and de­ve­lo­p­ment to gi­ve kit­chen users ma­xi­mum sa­ti­sfac­tion: the la­te­st trends, sho­wn at Eu­roCu­ci­na, are all about so­phi­sti­ca­ted ma­te­rials li­ke fos­sil wood, burnt oak and ex­qui­si­te mar­ble and me­tal; beau­ti­ful, hi­gh-per­for­man­ce ap­plian­ces and ele­gant, ful­ly-ac­ces­so­ri­sed au­xi­lia­ry areas

POLIFORM, Phoe­nix, design R&D Poliform Mo­der­na nel­la sua li­nea­ri­tà e con­ce­pi­ta ai fi­ni del­la mas­si­ma li­ber­tà com­po­si­ti­va, la cu­ci­na pre­sen­ta ele­men­ti com­po­si­ti­vi geo­me­tri­ci che le con­fe­ri­sco­no sem­pli­ci­tà e ri­go­re. La ma­ni­glia in­te­gra­ta del­le an­te, con tra­fi­la­tu­ra pas­san­te e sa­go­ma­tu­ra ter­mi­na­le a 90° di­ven­ta ele­men­to gra­fi­co nell’in­sie­me. La strut­tu­ra è di­spo­ni­bi­le con fi­ni­tu­ra gri­gio chia­ro o scu­ro, le an­te nel­le va­rian­ti lac­ca­te gof­fra­to o lu­ci­do, mas­sel­lo di no­ce ca­na­let­to, Co­rian o ac­cia­io. Mo­dern in its li­nea­ri­ty and de­si­gned to achie­ve ma­xi­mum free­dom of com­po­si­tion, this kit­chen is ma­de up of geo­me­tric ele­men­ts that con­fer a sen­se of sim­pli­ci­ty and re­straint. The hand­le built in­to the fron­ts, wi­th th­rou­gh groo­ve and 90° end an­gle, is a func­tio­nal de­tail that be­co­mes the de­fi­ning gra­phic fea­tu­re of the ove­rall design. The struc­tu­re co­mes wi­th a light or dark grey fi­ni­sh; va­rious kinds of fron­ts are avai­la­ble: lac­que­red (em­bos­sed or glos­sy), so­lid Ca­na­let­to wal­nut, Co­rian or steel.

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