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SULL’AREA DELL’EX ISTITUTO SIEROTERAPICO, a Mi­la­no, sta sor­gen­do un parco di 90mi­la me­tri qua­dra­ti se­con­do le li­nee gui­da for­ni­te dal pae­sag­gi­sta Mi­chel De­svi­gne, ba­sa­to sul­la par­te­ci­pa­zio­ne dei cit­ta­di­ni. Una rog­gia è sta­ta bo­ni­fi­ca­ta da cen­to vo­lon­ta­ri, gli abi­tan­ti col­ti­va­no gli or­ti e han­no an­che al­le­sti­to cen­tra­li­ne per la ri­le­va­zio­ne del­la qua­li­tà dell’aria. Smart Park#Se­gan­ti­ni è un parco che vuo­le “im­pa­ra­re da sé stes­so”: ac­qua, ter­ra e pro­dot­ti de­gli or­ti sa­ran­no ana­liz­za­ti e si stu­die­ran­no i com­por­ta­men­ti dei cit­ta­di­ni vir­tuo­si. (Clau­dia Gal­lo)

IN MI­LAN A NEW PARK is being crea­ted on the si­te for­mer­ly oc­cu­pied by the Istituto Sieroterapico. It co­vers 90,000 sqm and fol­lo­ws gui­de­li­nes pro­vi­ded by Mi­chel De­svi­gne and ba­sed on the ener­gies of the re­si­den­ts. A brook has been clea­ned up by over a hun­dred vo­lun­teers, and the re­si­den­ts cul­ti­va­te ve­ge­ta­ble gar­dens and ha­ve set up sta­tions for mo­ni­to­ring the qua­li­ty of the air. Smar­tPark #Se­gan­ti­ni wan­ts al­so to learn from itself: wa­ter, soil and ve­ge­ta­bles will be ana­ly­si­sed and the vir­tuous be­ha­viour of the re­si­den­ts will be stu­died he­re.

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