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THE ROOF CHAIR pro­get­ta­ta da Spa­vie­ri & Del Ciot­to per la col­le­zio­ne Me Too di Ma­gis pre­sen­ta una strut­tu­ra tu­bo­la­re di al­lu­mi­nio ri­ve­sti­ta con un tes­su­to 3D rea­liz­za­to uti­liz­zan­do fi­la­ti di di­ver­so ma­te­ria­le, il che per­met­te di per­so­na­liz­za­re l’ela­sti­ci­tà di tra­ma e or­di­to se­con­do i pun­ti, sen­za bi­so­gno di cu­ci­tu­re. Ele­men­to d’ar­re­do per bam­bi­ni, que­sto og­get­to ver­sa­ti­le che ri­cor­da una ca­set­ta è an­che co­mo­do per se­der­si: la “fal­da del tetto” è pen­sa­ta per­ché ci si sie­da un bam­bi­no per la­to. (Ali­ce Pi­cioc­chi)

THE ROOF CHAIR, la­te­st crea­tion of the duo Spal­vie­ri & Del Ciot­to for Ma­gis, is ma­de out of an in­no­va­ti­ve 3D fa­bric who­se re­si­stan­ce can be cu­sto­mi­zed at dif­fe­rent poin­ts wi­thout any need to in­ter­rupt the sur­fa­ce wi­th stit­ching. The re­sult is a pie­ce of fur­ni­tu­re for chil­dren wi­th a sha­pe that re­calls a lit­tle hou­se, to be used as a seat, a toy, a tun­nel... . As well as being ve­ry light – the fra­me is ma­de of tu­bu­lar alu­mi­nium – this ver­sa­ti­le ob­ject is al­so com­for­ta­ble and er­go­no­mic if used as a chair: the “pit­ch of the roof” is de­si­gned to seat two, one on ea­ch si­de.

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