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CON UFFICI A HONG KONG, BANGKOK E TAIPEI, AB Con­cept si oc­cu­pa di in­te­rior design per gran­di brand co­me Four Sea­sons, Man­da­rin Orien­tal e W Ho­tels. I fon­da­to­ri Ed Ng e Te­ren­ce Ngan so­no cre­sciu­ti in Orien­te ma han­no una for­ma­zio­ne oc­ci­den­ta­le. Il lo­ro pri­mo pro­get­to ita­lia­no ha in­te­res­sa­to il Paper Moon Giar­di­no di via Ba­gut­ta, sa­lot­to mi­la­ne­se per i “bon vi­vant” in­ter­na­zio­na­li. I de­si­gner han­no ri­crea­to l’at­mo­sfe­ra di una ca­sa. Pa­re­ti dai co­lo­ri te­nui al­le­sti­te con qua­dri e spec­chi, ar­re­di su mi­su­ra (Pro­me­mo­ria) e lam­pa­de de­co­ra­ti­ve (del­lo stu­dio lon­di­ne­se MBLD e di La­svit). (Mia Piz­zi)

WI­TH OFFICES IN HONG KONG, BANGKOK AND TAIPEI, AB Con­cept works on in­te­rior design for ma­jor ho­spi­ta­li­ty brands li­ke Four Sea­sons, Man­da­rin Orien­tal and W Ho­tels. Its foun­ding part­ners Ed Ng and Te­ren­ce Ngan grew up in the Far Ea­st but ha­ve a We­stern trai­ning. Their fir­st pro­ject in Ita­ly is the re­sty­ling of a well-kno­wn Mi­la­ne­se re­stau­rant, the Paper Moon Giar­di­no on Via Ba­gut­ta. The de­si­gners re­crea­ted the at­mo­sphe­re of a ho­me. Walls in pa­le co­lours hung wi­th pic­tu­res and mir­rors, cu­stom-ma­de fur­ni­tu­re (Pro­me­mo­ria) and de­co­ra­ti­ve lamps (by the Lon­don-ba­sed MBLD stu­dio and La­svit).

Te­ren­ce Ngan e Ed Ng. A si­ni­stra e in bas­so, il Paper Moon Giar­di­no di Mi­la­no. Te­ren­ce Ngan and Ed Ng. Left and bot­tom, the Paper Moon Giar­di­no in Mi­lan.

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