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Ar­chi­tet­to e pub­bli­ci­sta, si oc­cu­pa di pro­get­ta­zio­ne, in­se­gna­men­to e cri­ti­ca dell’ar­chi­tet­tu­ra e del de­si­gn. Ha scrit­to per le prin­ci­pa­li ri­vi­ste di set­to­re ( L’Ar­chi­tet­tu­ra cro­na­che e sto­ria di Bru­no Ze­vi, Abi­ta­re,

Do­mus) e pub­bli­ca­to con Cor­rai­ni, Li­bria, Mag­gio­li, IEEM/Po­li­press. È re­dat­to­re di In­ven­ta­rio. Di­se­gna fu­met­ti vi­sio­na­ri d’ar­chi­tet­tu­ra. An ar­chi­tect and free­lan­ce jour­na­li­st, he fo­cu­ses on de­si­gn, tea­ching and cri­ti­ci­sm of ar­chi­tec­tu­re and de­si­gn. He has writ­ten for the ma­jor ma­ga­zi­nes in the sec­tor (Bru­no Ze­vi’s L’Ar­chi­tet­tu­ra cro­na­che e sto­ria, Abi­ta­re, Do­mus) and been pu­bli­shed by Cor­rai­ni, Li­bria, Mag­gio­li and IEEM/Po­li­press. He is on the edi­to­rial staff of In­ven­ta­rio. He dra­ws vi­sio­na­ry strip car­toons on the su­b­ject of ar­chi­tec­tu­re. He li­ves and works in Mi­lan.

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